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motion blur high ISO

4 reasons your photos are blurry

here is why your images are blurry and some simple fixes reason #1 – focus The most common reason for images that are ‘un-sharp’ is simply that they are out of focus. This might be a result of focussing on the wrong part of the image, being too close to your subject for the camera to focus, selecting an aperture that generates a very narrow depth of field or taking an image too quickly witho... »


Photoshop tutorial – the basics

Simple ways to improve your images in Photoshop (a tutorial) Often, what you see during the shoot with your eyes and what you get when you look at your images is not the same thing. But it’s OK! Photoshop is capable of making a slightly imperfect photo into an awesome image. Of course, your aim is to take the best possible photo and get it right “in camera” and Photoshop can̵... »


Lightroom tutorial

High ISO and uneven lighting This photo was taken by Amy indoors using window light. It was shot at a high ISO (1250) which caused quite a lot of digital noise. The uneven lighting caused a lot of contrast between the shadows and highlights on the baby’s face. The eyes are lovely and sharp but a little dark.             What I did: Brightened the image just a bi... »

photo tips emotion

emotional connection: photo tip

As well as thinking about the technical aspects of your photography (aperture, shutter speed, iso etc) make sure you are thinking about the impact your photo has on the people who view it. While it’s important to understand the elements of light and exposure, one thing that makes a great photo is its ability to convey an emotion. Emotional connection, or conveying a feeling, can be the difference ... »


don’t forget the details

Photographing the details Often when I’m not getting the co-operation of the kids or the light is less than perfect or ‘just because’… I’ll focus on shooting details. I find it relaxing to concentrate on a single object. It’s also wonderful to look back at those little details and the day-to-day things from the past and let the memories flow…favourite clothes, toys, t... »

photography workshop gift

one for you and one for a friend

Gift Certificates: Photo Workshops I hope you have been enjoying this wonderful Spring. September was a great month with so many new workshops launched. You can now choose between morning and afternoon workshops and Dee Why, Shelly Beach (Manly) and Balmoral – all sensational locations to hang about with others and learn to take stunning photos of your kids. And…drum roll…a new l... »

photography tips: fun

photography tips: focus on fun

life, love, laughter… Today’s photography tip is a really easy one: Children usually cannot care less for your desire for the perfect photo and the importance of the long lasting memories.  What any child really wants is to have fun. So make room in your child’s life for fun and just make sure you are there and ready to capture it! And aren’t these really the memories you w... »

iphoneography and your kids [part 1]

iphoneography and your kids [part 1]

how to shoot simply stunning photos of your kids (or anything) with just an iPhone These days, most spur of the moment memories are probably being captured for posterity (or Facebook) using a smartphone camera, often an iPhone. Today we are going to go through some basics of getting the most from your iPhone photos (known as iphoneography). In upcoming posts we will look at more advances tips for ... »

going out to play

going out to play

“I cannot go to school today” Said little Peggy Ann McKay. “I have the measles and the mumps, A gash, a rash and purple bumps. My mouth is wet, my throat is dry. I’m going blind in my right eye. My tonsils are as big as rocks, I’ve counted sixteen chicken pox. And there’s one more – that’s seventeen, And don’t you think my face looks green? My leg is... »


photography tips: preset your exposure and focus

capture that moment! It can be very frustrating! The moment is perfect, you have a great shot lined up, and press the shutter button. But your camera takes a few seconds to think about it before it opens the shutter (it’s called shutter lag). By the time the photo is actually taken, your prefect shot has vanished! The moment is gone! With many cameras when set to automatic mode, it can take ... »

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