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Exciting new online course paltform

I have some exciting news. I’m pleased to announce that Please Don’t Say Cheese online courses have been redesigned and moved to a brand-new platform! Today is Different is the new lifestyle classroom and (I may be biased) it’s beautiful… I had some issues with the course platform I was using and have spent a lot of time researching course software, websites and options for... »

become a professional photographer

become a professional photographer

how do you know you’re ready? Many of my workshop and consulting clients get in touch with me for tips on how to go about becoming a professional photographer. Many have a strong passion and a dream and most have a lot of talent. I truly believe that it is possible to turn your passion into a career. I’ve done it! The key is to not just to be a good (or great) photographer; it’s ... »


21 day photo challenge

Learn to Take Simply Stunning Photos of your Kids The best way to master any skill – including photography – is with practice, practice, practice. With an online photo challenge you will learn the tips and tricks used by professional photographers to capture beautiful images and be encouraged to practice and share. What’s included? Every 3 days for 21 days you will receive a tuto... »