learning digital photography

learning digital photography

shoot more or shoot better? When I was a child, with my first camera, my mother on occasion hid my camera and told me the little white lie that it was broken. Every coupe of days I would come to her with another film to be processed and ask for a new one. I can imagine her dilemma; she knew I was following my passion and wanted to encourage me, but she simply couldn’t afford to keep up with ... »


composition tutorial: eliminate distractions

Eliminating distractions is, in my opinion, is the most important thing you can do to quickly improve your photography. And it should be simple. But it’s often not… Our brain has many ways of helping us handle the huge volumes of information we are subjected to every second. One of the mechanisms it uses is filtering. When we are paying attention to one thing, we filter out unnecessary... »

composition tutorial: what’s your angle?

composition tutorial: what’s your angle?

a simple composition tutorial Here’s a simple photo composition tutorial that will turn your photos from snapshots to stunning images that will make people say “Wow”! The shooting angle means, in simple terms, where you stood (or crouched or sat or even lay down) to take the photograph. I bet, like most people, most of the time, you were standing up, looking face-on at your subje... »

pics from this morning

pics from this morning

These images were sent to me by Emma after our morning workshop at Balmoral Beach. I think she did a lovely job and really my critique comes down to very minor things: In the first image (taken in full sun) there is a shadow across her nose that I find just a little distracting. You did very well though considering the sun was quite bright. Great job with the challenging light. In the second, grea... »


photos from Dee Why Beach

Dear Robyn, I look forward to any tips for improvement. I noticed a lack of clarity in some photos when enlarged even though I shot them in RAW format. Kind Regards, Rosemary   »


21 day photo challenge

Learn to Take Simply Stunning Photos of your Kids The best way to master any skill – including photography – is with practice, practice, practice. With an online photo challenge you will learn the tips and tricks used by professional photographers to capture beautiful images and be encouraged to practice and share. What’s included? Every 3 days for 21 days you will receive a tuto... »


Christmas lights bokeh

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… I love it when someone asks a question that gives me the opportunity to write a blog post and share the tips with everyone! At my last workshop Sonia asked about how to get good Christmas lights bokeh shots. First, what is it? BOKEH = noun. a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image. Now, how to ge... »

motion blur high ISO

4 reasons your photos are blurry

here is why your images are blurry and some simple fixes reason #1 – focus The most common reason for images that are ‘un-sharp’ is simply that they are out of focus. This might be a result of focussing on the wrong part of the image, being too close to your subject for the camera to focus, selecting an aperture that generates a very narrow depth of field or taking an image too quickly witho... »


Sydney Photography Workshop Image Review

Focus problems? No way! This beautiful image was submitted by Rachel after a recent workshop. The photo was taken at Balmoral Beach in the shade as the sun was quite bright. Rachel was concerned that she was having trouble with focus and getting sharp images. No problem here Rachel. A gorgeous image where the focus falls exactly where it should, on the eyes. Every eyelash stands out – well d... »

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