composition tutorial: what’s your angle?

composition tutorial: what’s your angle?

a simple composition tutorial

Here’s a simple photo composition tutorial that will turn your photos from snapshots to stunning images that will make people say “Wow”!

The shooting angle means, in simple terms, where you stood (or crouched or sat or even lay down) to take the photograph.

I bet, like most people, most of the time, you were standing up, looking face-on at your subject when you pressed the shutter button. And why not? That’s how you saw the scene, and that’s how you want to remember the scene. Nothing wrong with that at all.


So let’s start with a little exercise (not the strenuous kind, I promise).

The first thing to consider is how you look at the world. Start by looking at your computer monitor. Straight on. As you normally do.

Now stand up. Even better, if you can, stand on something sturdy enough to hold you (your chair, a step ladder, a box).  Look directly down onto your desk. Looks different, doesn’t it. That coffee cup, the pens, the paper lying around etc. You’ve taken the first step in this composition tutorial – you’ve looked at the world from a different angle!

Now you’ve tried that, get down from your chair, and crouch down. Get down so that the top of your desk is at eye level. Now look at your monitor. Different perspective again. The keyboard seems huge in the foreground. You’ve completed the second step in this tutorial – viewing the same scene from two different angles.

translating it to composition in your photography

The next part is to put this into practice. There’s no hard and fast rules on this. Once you have accepted that photographing a scene from a different angle is possible, just let your creativity flow.

This is so easy to do with digital photography because you don’t waste any film, and you can check your shot straight away. If it really doesn’t look good on your camera screen, try again from a slightly different angle.

To get you started, there’s a few ideas:



The final tip is simply to practice.

Your homework assignment for this tutorial is take some pictures today, but don’t take them from your normal shooting angle. Every photo must be from a perspective that you wouldn’t normally use.

playing #PDSCplay?

Use this exercise to create your photo a day!



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