iphoneography and your kids [part 1]

iphoneography and your kids [part 1]

how to shoot simply stunning photos of your kids (or anything) with just an iPhone

These days, most spur of the moment memories are probably being captured for posterity (or Facebook) using a smartphone camera, often an iPhone.

Today we are going to go through some basics of getting the most from your iPhone photos (known as iphoneography).

In upcoming posts we will look at more advances tips for iphoneography and also take a look at a few other phones and how they are different to the iPhone. But for today, let’s start with the basic controls and the buttons.

your iPhone – the basics





Quick Access: Open and use the camera from the lock screen without having to unlock your phone first.





Shoot: Tap the camera icon on the screen or push the volume up button on the side of your iPhone.





Zoom: To zoom in or zoom out.





Flash: On or Off or automatic if you want your iPhone to decide. Tip: I suggest Off most of the time – more on that in upcoming posts.
Front Cam: For self portraits (tip: don’t forget to include yourself in some of your photos of the kids).









Grid: Guidelines for getting straight photos and using the rule of thirds. Not sure what the rule of thirds is: you can get more in this free guide: http://pleasedontsaycheese.com.au/tips.
HDR: HDR stands for high dynamic range, and in simple terms takes a series of three images and combines the best parts of the overexposed, underexposed, and balanced shots to create an image with beautiful detail in shadows and highlights. Caution: Don’t use HDR for moving objects or when you are moving or you will end up with blurry images.







Panorama: Take 240° panoramic photos. How: Line up the camera and press the shutter. Move the iPhone to the right, keeping the arrow on the line. This allows the iPhone to capture a collection of photos at the same level. Note: only on iPhone 4S and newer.

That’s all for today! Have a play with the buttons and controls and next time we’ll talk about exposure and focus on your iPhone.

Want more free tips for photographing your kids?

I'm a professional child photographer who loves to share my passion for photography. I am located in the beautiful Sydney, Australia and provide practical and inspirational photography workshops and online tips and tricks for anyone who want to take simply stunning photos of their kids. Come find me on Google+

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