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I have some exciting news. I’m pleased to announce that Please Don’t Say Cheese online courses have been redesigned and moved to a brand-new platform! Today is Different is the new lifestyle classroom and (I may be biased) it’s beautiful…

I had some issues with the course platform I was using and have spent a lot of time researching course software, websites and options for hosting my courses and finally settled on this one…

And you get to try it out…

As you are a valued subscriber, follower or reader you get a free pass to the new site….you get to join the “new and improved” Camera Basics for free.


And you can bring a friend along too…

As I know that it’s easier to stick to something when you don’t do it alone, I am also giving you one free pass to give to a friend or family member.

You can get it here….

Go here: Camera Basics and use the coupon code LAUNCH at checkout to get your free access. Then pass on the link to just one other person who can join you in learning how to take better pictures.

And if you don’t want to do Camera Basics you can still pass this link on to a friend  http://classroom.todayisdifferent.com.au/

Anyway that’s all of the news for today.

Talk soon


I'm a professional child photographer who loves to share my passion for photography. I am located in the beautiful Sydney, Australia and provide practical and inspirational photography workshops and online tips and tricks for anyone who want to take simply stunning photos of their kids. Come find me on Google+

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