photography tips: preset your exposure and focus


capture that moment!

It can be very frustrating! The moment is perfect, you have a great shot lined up, and press the shutter button. But your camera takes a few seconds to think about it before it opens the shutter (it’s called shutter lag). By the time the photo is actually taken, your prefect shot has vanished! The moment is gone!

With many cameras when set to automatic mode, it can take a while to adjust for exposure, white balance and focus. This is the 2-3 second delay between the moment when you first push the shutter button, and the moment the shot is actually taken.

what can you do?

If this happens, try pre-setting your focus by holding the shutter half way down to tell the camera where to focus before you need to take the shot. When you do this, your camera doesn’t have to process nearly as much information when you press the shutter button all the way down.

Next, hold the shutter button half way down until you line up the perfect shot. This turns on your camera’s ‘lock exposure’ feature to keep the exposure settings locked until you are ready to shoot. As soon as the moment is perfect, press the shutter button all the way down and snap the photo.

Pre-setting your exposure and focus can really help out when taking shots of children. Kids tend to not sit in one place waiting for you to adjust your camera, so the best shots are taken when you are prepared for a candid moment.

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