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iphoneography and your kids [part 1]

iphoneography and your kids [part 1]

how to shoot simply stunning photos of your kids (or anything) with just an iPhone These days, most spur of the moment memories are probably being captured for posterity (or Facebook) using a smartphone camera, often an iPhone. Today we are going to go through some basics of getting the most from your iPhone photos (known as iphoneography). In upcoming posts we will look at more advances tips for ... »


photography tips: preset your exposure and focus

capture that moment! It can be very frustrating! The moment is perfect, you have a great shot lined up, and press the shutter button. But your camera takes a few seconds to think about it before it opens the shutter (it’s called shutter lag). By the time the photo is actually taken, your prefect shot has vanished! The moment is gone! With many cameras when set to automatic mode, it can take ... »


no cheese, please

photographing older kids In the last post we talked about getting natural and candid shots of younger children. In this post we tackle the dreaded “cheese” from the older children – from about 2 to 7 years. While the occasional photo of a toothy grin is cute and funny, is it really all you what you want to remember years from now? As a children’s photographer, I deal with this ‘s... »

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photographing children – keep it real

Welcome to Please Don’t Say Cheese… your guide to taking simply stunning photos of your kids As a parent I’m sure you have at some time purchased a camera with the aim of getting nice pictures of the kids? I’m sure you truly cherish every moment you have with your children, and we want to remember it all. Do you often look at your photos and feel that you have not captured ... »

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