become a professional photographer

become a professional photographer

how do you know you’re ready? Many of my workshop and consulting clients get in touch with me for tips on how to go about becoming a professional photographer. Many have a strong passion and a dream and most have a lot of talent. I truly believe that it is possible to turn your passion into a career. I’ve done it! The key is to not just to be a good (or great) photographer; it’s ... »


photos from Dee Why Beach

Dear Robyn, I look forward to any tips for improvement. I noticed a lack of clarity in some photos when enlarged even though I shot them in RAW format. Kind Regards, Rosemary   »


Sydney Photography Workshop Image Review

Focus problems? No way! This beautiful image was submitted by Rachel after a recent workshop. The photo was taken at Balmoral Beach in the shade as the sun was quite bright. Rachel was concerned that she was having trouble with focus and getting sharp images. No problem here Rachel. A gorgeous image where the focus falls exactly where it should, on the eyes. Every eyelash stands out – well d... »

photography workshop gift

one for you and one for a friend

Gift Certificates: Photo Workshops I hope you have been enjoying this wonderful Spring. September was a great month with so many new workshops launched. You can now choose between morning and afternoon workshops and Dee Why, Shelly Beach (Manly) and Balmoral – all sensational locations to hang about with others and learn to take stunning photos of your kids. And…drum roll…a new l... »

win a spot in a photo workshop for mums

win a spot in a photo workshop for mums

Sydney photo workshops: win! At a Please Don’t Say Cheese workshop held in the northern beaches of Sydney you will learn the tips and tricks used by professional photographers to capture beautiful images of your kids. You have a chance to win one of 10 free places in a workshop in September by entering now! Simply go to the contest page to enter. And share with your friends for more chances to win... »