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Did you buy your camera to get nice pictures of your kids and your family? Do you truly cherish every moment you have with your children, and want to remember it all? Do you often look at your photos and feel that you have not captured the moment, their personalities or the emotion you feel?

Imagine if you could take beautiful photos of your kids time after time. Photos that reflect the wonderful personalities of those precious little people – images you’ll treasure forever and be proud to share.

Well you can! Anyone can take great photos of their kids!

You don’t need a professional camera to take beautiful, meaningful and important photos. Start with a digital SLR or a point-and-shoot compact camera. Add some creativity, lots of love and a little guidance and you too can create kid photographs that capture the moment — and your heart.

A few simple tips can make all of the difference.

At a Please Don’t Say Cheese workshop you will learn the tips and tricks used by professional photographers to capture beautiful images.

These three hour workshops will be held on one of the northern beaches in Sydney on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (and more often during school holidays).


During your workshop we will cover:

learning the best camera settings to use for each situation

  • what are all those mysterious setting, buttons and dials on your camera and what do they do
  • get off automatic and learn the value of using the creative modes on your camera – specifically aperture and shutter speed priority
  • understand how to correctly expose your images using aperture, shutter sped and ISO
  • do lots of exercises and practice until you can get that nice blurry background for your portraits, capture the action when your kids are on the go, get sharp and in focus photos
  • and lots more


how to see, understand and use light

  • what is “good” light and what is “bad” light
  • how to find the best light in any location
  • what kind of photos should you take when the light is bad
  • how to make the most of good light and take simply stunning photos


composition tips and tricks

Going from snapshot to WOW!!! Learn many of the simple tricks that the pros use that can take your photography to the next level and produce photos that you’ll love.


how to get natural and beautiful images of children of all ages

Please Don’t Say Cheese: From newborn baby to teens; how do you avoid the cheesy grins, the “no more photos please” grimace, “no I WONT look at the camera” and the other common problems we all have when trying to capture beautiful images of our children.


basic photo editing

All workshop participants will be invited to attend a monthly photo editing session. These will be held online and will take you through some quick editing tricks using all kinds of editing systems from the totally free ones through to Photoshop. You will also be invited to submit your own images to be edited in this session to get a real feel for how easy it is to really make your photos shine.


what others have said:

I got a new camera for Christmas a year ago with the aim of taking better photos of my children, but I’d never taken it off the Auto setting and I wasn’t particularly happy with the quality of the shots I was getting…too cheesy, too blurry, too dark, too bright, too busy and the list went on.  I’d heard about Please Don’t Say Cheese from a friend who had attended one of the workshops and so I signed up.  Being an absolute beginner in photography I wasn’t sure how much I would learn and retain at a 3 hour workshop, but I was amazed at how much I actually did learn and the quality of some of the shots I walked away with.  Having Robyn on hand to answer questions was really helpful and the help didn’t end there.  Robyn continues to provide assistance via her website where you can upload pictures from the workshop for her to comment on, and a range of other post-workshop activities. I am now able to take the kinds of photos of my children that I have always wanted to. So, what have I learned? I am more aware now of how to achieve a blurred background while keeping the subject in focus, the best position for the subject in a shot, what to focus on and where to focus, how to capture sharp action shots of my kids rather than a blurred image as they dash past, how to use the available light and how to compensate for too much/too little light by adjusting settings on the camera, and how to take candid rather than cheesy shots of my little princesses…and this is only the beginning.

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